After a long pregnancy your son is about to arrive. It is time to plan his B’rit Mila. Make sure that you are absolutely certain of the correct day of the Bris.

The bris must be performed on the 8th day unless there are medical conditions that prevent it from occurring. The day of the birth counts as day #1. The day starts at sunset of the previous day. So if your child is born on Sunday before sunset, then the Bris is the following Sunday. But if the baby is born on Sunday after sunset, then the Bris is on Monday.

The Bris supersedes Sabbath and Jewish holidays and therefore can occur on Saturday or even Yom Kippur. Please download and complete the B’rit information sheet to help facilitate the ceremony.

The only exception to this is for babies born by C-section.  A C-section delivery is not considered to be “born” on Sabbath and the bris can occur the following Sunday, unless the Sunday coincides with a Jewish holiday.

Please contact or 9145986962 to schedule your Bris.