1. The Hebrew/Jewish names of the father, mother and baby are needed for the ceremony. A naming ceremony is part of the B'rit Milah ceremony.

  2. Please do not feed the baby about one hour before the B’rit Milah. The baby can be fed right after the ceremony.

  3. To reduce the baby's discomfort, he may suck on a gauze pad dipped in wine or sugar water before (if needed) and after the B’rit Milah ceremony.

  4. A B’rit Milah takes place on the eighth day during the daylight hours only. The day of birth counts as day one. Confirm the timing of the B’rit Milah before inviting your guests.

  5. If there any any concerns regarding the baby’s health, the B’rit Milah can be postponed at any time. Physiological jaundice is normal and does not delay the B’rit Milah.

  6. Dress the baby simply for the ceremony. A gown, stretchy or shirt top is ideal. Avoid outfits with many small buttons. Immediately after the ceremony the baby can be dressed in any outfit you like.

  7. A minyan is preferred but not mandatory. The appointing of Godparents is optional and is done at your option. The Sandak holds the baby for the Bris but is usually not the godfather.

post-bris care instructions

  1. The baby may be a little fussy after the ceremony. Feel free to feed him,coddle him, rock him or do whatever makes him comfortable.

  2. I will leave a double diaper on the baby after the procedure and encourage you to do so for the first 24-48 hours after the ceremony. I find the extra padding from the second diaper is comforting for the baby.

  3. Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives: Risks, benefits and alternatives to the circumcision exist. Bleeding, infection and/or damage to the penis are extraordinarily rare but have been reported. There is an alternative to not circumcise however this is the ritual that has been safely performed for thousands of years. Cosmetic results vary from child to child and cannot be guaranteed. Adhesions, scar tissue, curvature or asymmetry may occur. If you have ANY concerns after the procedure please reach out immediately.

  4. Swelling of the area or a thickness on the underside of the penis may be noticed where the skin was bunched together however this will decrease in size over several days.

  5. Place a generous amount of bacitracin ointment onto the penis for 7 days with every diaper change. A Vaseline gauze is usually left in place at the end of the B’rit. It should be left in place for 24 hours. If this sticks, soak the baby in a shallow tub of warm water to remove it. If it comes off by itself at anytime -great; if you accidentally remove it, don't worry. After it comes off, continue applying bacitracin ointment liberally for the first week with every diaper change for a week. Your baby should have a wet diaper within a few hours of the circumcision.

  6. Bleeding will stain the gauze pad and the diaper and  will decrease after each diaper change. If bleeding persists, apply direct pressure with a sterile gauze pad for 15-20 minutes. This should stop the bleeding. Call Dr. Motola if the bleeding persists.

  7. A follow-up with  Dr. Motola may be requested at any time. Most post-circumcision questions can be addressed by emailing a digital picture to me.

  8. Resume the baby's regular routine and treat him normally after the B’rit.

  9. Sponge bathe the baby for the first 72 hours. After this assuming the umbilical cord is healed you may resume normal baths.

  10. Please relax. Remember that this ceremony has been performed for thousands of years in much less desirable places (the desert!) and without the luxury of having sterile instruments. Your baby will be fine!