Kvater/Kvatterin: Takes the baby into the room and is often an aunt, uncle or good friends. They are usually the religious godparents of your son and are responsible for making sure your son has a Jewish education.

Chair of Elijah: The baby will be passed into the hands of someone sitting in the chair of Elijah.

Sandak/Sandakiem: Holds the baby during the B’rit, and is often the grandfather. The thought is that you would like your son to absorb the good qualities of this person. If there are 2 grandfathers, they may share this honor. If there is no surviving grandfather please discuss an alternative individual with me. 

Hamotzi: traditional blessing over bread prior to the ceremonial meal

Assorted reading in both Hebrew and English will be provided to members of the family or close friends. Any Hebrew readings will be transliterated to English

The Milah (Circumcision) Supplies

  1. Kosher sweet grape wine Or, if you don't use wine, kosher grape juice is fine

  2. Kiddush cup

  3. A pair of candlesticks 

  4. 4 disposable diapers

  5. 2 burp cloths (diaper sized; not washcloth sized)

  6. Ointment: 2-1 oz. tubes of Bacitracin (any kind) or 2-1 oz. tubes of Neosporin/Triple Antibiotic

  7. 2 receiving blankets

  8. 1 pillow with a non-satin pillowcase - standard size is the minimum size

  9. 1 standard size pillowcase (any color; no satin, please)

  10. Yarmulkas (kippot) for the participants; yarmulka (kippah) for the baby (optional)

  11. If the bris is taking place outside of the home a cocktail table, two chairs and a wastebasket with a plastic liner are needed for the bris set up. If the bris is taking place in the home, any table or a bridge table will do (along with two chairs and a wastebasket). I can also set up my things on one of the corners of the dining room table or when I arrive, we'll figure out the best place to set up.