Mazel Tov on the birth of your new baby boy  and your decision to enter him into the covenant of the Jewish people.


I am a board certified Urologist who is also trained and certified as a Mohel. The combination of my surgical skills as a Urologist, my Halachal training (knowledge of the Jewish law based on the Talmud), and being the great-grandson of a famous Mohel, makes me extraordinarily well suited to partake in this joyous ceremony.

The very first commandment that the first Jew in history was commanded to fulfill was B’rit Milah. The commandment of circumcision is the first commandment directed at the Jewish people. Mila means circumcision. A B’rit Mila is the ceremony of identity, providing physical identity through the circumcision and spiritual identity using the appropriate blessings of bestowing a Jewish name to your son. This ceremony links Jews with over 5000 years of tradition.

It is my goal to perform this important ritual for your son and your family in a meaningful, memorable and compassionate fashion. The B’rit will be performed in a sensitive, warm , and dignified manner.

There are 3 sections to the B’rit Mila. They are the Mila (circumcision), the baby naming and the meal. If you need any assistance selecting a Hebrew name for your son, I will gladly help. It is my utmost concern that your baby is comfortable and well cared for during and after the B’rit. Local anesthetic is an option that is often used and will be discussed with you prior to the B’rit.